Holiday Art Walk

I’ve posted about past Art Walk’s before; here & here.  This one was… well, it was just OK.  Some interesting things happened, but it wasn’t cold, I went alone, and it was just weird.

But I did take pictures, so let’s go!


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Daylily Festival


This past Saturday the local Daylily Society had their Daylily Festival, which happens to be part of Festival South.  I’d never been to a Daylily show, so I figured why not.  I’m not particularly partial to daylilies, per se, but I do enjoy flowers and always catch the flower displays at the local fair when we go.  Plus, I’d not once stepped foot into our Convention Center which has been here almost 20 years.

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Art For Eternity

My city participates in Festival South.  For the past several years, in June, there will be numerous art events all over the city, for pretty much the entire month.  I think it’s a fab idea, however, there is so many different events and the way that the organization lays it all out is extremely confusing to me.  I miss all of the good stuff.  All I can ever seem to read are the things I’m not interested in, the things that cost money, or the events at the ungodly hour of nine in the morning.

This is just the first four days out of a three-week long calendar of events.

So, this year I missed seeing Russian Ballet because it wasn’t even in their program for 4 June, but the magazine I picked up today listed it, and the Russian lady I met today told me about it; though she was also confused by the Festival South programming because she thought it was tomorrow.

I also missed this other art exhibit about Southern Influences, because it also wasn’t in the program and was only sent to my email by the Festival South team the day before it was over and I was busy attending a funeral on this exhibits last day.

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Art Abandonment

I become rather fond of my art.  This fondness reminds me of the film, Miss Potter, about Beatrix Potter’s life.  Her illustrations were like her children.  Now, she talked with her wee little animals in coats, apparently.  I don’t really do that, but I do feel like my girls are a part of me, like they are my little sisters or some such.

So, it feels awkward and weird to throw them away.  But I also can’t keep all of them, as they are a lot in number.  I do illustrate with intentions to sell my work.  But, I’m never to the point of pricing things so high because I just love them so much.  However, when they don’t sell, I don’t have the room to keep them, so I abandon them to good homes.

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Spring Art Walk

The Sister and I participated in our local Spring Art Walk yesterday.  I barely took any pictures because it was rather hot out, but I do have a few that I’d like to share.

The Shop Downtown’s owner has taken to creating an Art Market in the alley beside the building he occupies with two other businesses.  I tried explaining this to our dad, but without knowing what it looks like in the day time, as him and mom have only been there at night, he was thinking an alley completely surrounded by tall buildings.

It is an alley, as there once was a building beside it, but now it’s just this huge open area between The Shops building and the next building.  So, it’s not a dark, scary alley.  Besides our downtown isn’t a big city, so the alleys aren’t all that dark or scary.


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