PoppyART Specials

We’re running a few specials in the shop this month over at PoppyART.

We’re currently having a huge studio sale!  Everything in the Studio Sale section is marked down and ships for free.  Also the coiled bowls and clay creations have free shipping as well!

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-7-49-08-am_origPurple Extravaganza is happening!  Purchase any piece of art that contains purple in it and receive a free Ink Blot piece!


This Girl’s Gone Crafty

Besides illustrations, I do like to get crafty with art projects.  I have absolutely no training in anything, except the piano and a bit in classical guitar.  However I can not read music and I detested my guitar teacher, so I’m not really good with either.

Everything else is mainly self-taught.  My parents are both artists, my mother was a painter with education and my father was a craftsman of fine jewelry and also had education.  However they did not teach me either of their skills, though I could pick up a bit by simply watching them, when they weren’t shooing me away.

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