Hallowe’en Giveaway

I decided to host a giveaway in celebration of Halloween.  This giveaway is taking place over on my Instagram account | @artistskr .

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Nature in Wonderous Forms

My sister, while also being an artist, does other things on the side.  She’s a certified Reiki Master and Aromatherapist.  She also works at a local yoga studio, taking classes, subbing as instructor to some classes… then she has classes of her own, two of those I’ll be talk about in this post.

I’m talking about these because I’ve been working for her in artistic manners; photography, illustrations, & sewing.  Plus, I’m just really enjoying the classes.

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In The File Labeled: Other

Figured it was high time I do a post showing some of my illustrations, since that’s what I mainly do.  For the most part it’s people and costuming, but on rare occasions, something non human forms on the paper.  All of my illustrations are rendered using Indian Inks and Artists Makers.

Mini vintage cameras | The Adventurer 620 & The Ciro 


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