18th Century Dress

Historical Fashions are kind of a big deal for me.  I’ve always liked them and been fascinated by them.  I read about them, study them and even draw them.  If you’ve been reading here, then you’re pretty aware that I like to draw historical fashions.  Lady’s fashions, as I’m rubbish with men honestly.

However, recently it came to light that nobody really understands my drawings.  I mean, yes, they don’t understand my people (like their breasts or hands, or some other such comment), but I mean the actual fashion that they are wearing.

I had assumed that my sister would know, having been in theatre at uni, having done somecostuming.  But, I was informed that it was a basic 101 overview class, so she really doesn’t know about costuming.  Not that it is always accurate, in theatre or film.  Directorial vision, costume availability, and movement of scene and actor always play a part in how a costume gets worked together.

So, it prompted me to do a little overview with drawings.  I tend to either draw actual 18th century dress, or 18th century inspired dress in my illustrations because that is my favourite, so that is what we shall look at.

Scan 12

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Drawlloween 2017

I participated in Drawlloween two years ago, which is a daily drawing prompt, but with spooky things.

I realized that I had never put those photo’s here, which is fine because for this one, if it was something I had already drawn before, say a Zombie, then I just paired it the 2015 version to show the difference, so you will get to see all of the spooky!

There are some extra’s that I did in 2015 and a few for this year and I will include those as well.

2017 Drawlloween Challenge prompt list >>Instagram.com

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Hallowe’en Giveaway

I decided to host a giveaway in celebration of Halloween.  This giveaway is taking place over on my Instagram account | @artistskr .

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Nature in Wonderous Forms

My sister, while also being an artist, does other things on the side.  She’s a certified Reiki Master and Aromatherapist.  She also works at a local yoga studio, taking classes, subbing as instructor to some classes… then she has classes of her own, two of those I’ll be talk about in this post.

I’m talking about these because I’ve been working for her in artistic manners; photography, illustrations, & sewing.  Plus, I’m just really enjoying the classes.

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Art Abandonment

I become rather fond of my art.  This fondness reminds me of the film, Miss Potter, about Beatrix Potter’s life.  Her illustrations were like her children.  Now, she talked with her wee little animals in coats, apparently.  I don’t really do that, but I do feel like my girls are a part of me, like they are my little sisters or some such.

So, it feels awkward and weird to throw them away.  But I also can’t keep all of them, as they are a lot in number.  I do illustrate with intentions to sell my work.  But, I’m never to the point of pricing things so high because I just love them so much.  However, when they don’t sell, I don’t have the room to keep them, so I abandon them to good homes.

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American Girls Series

Just finished a new illustrations series.  American Girls, and well, I dig the 70s, so that’s the time period I chose.  I decided to represent all the main groups of gals here.  Wearing bell bottoms, converse, the same shirt just in different colours, and no make-up.

P.S. excuse my scanner, it likes to crop on its own for some reason.


OK, here we go..


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