The Art Show

Daisies on Slate;; V. Stowe

Back in March our childhood church was having their annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival, which includes an art show, and The Sister and I were asked to enter.  While the pieces that I entered did not sell, it was still a fun experience, as well as being my first time exhibiting.  Plus, there was some nice art to take in.

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Spring Art Walk

The Sister and I participated in our local Spring Art Walk yesterday.  I barely took any pictures because it was rather hot out, but I do have a few that I’d like to share.

The Shop Downtown’s owner has taken to creating an Art Market in the alley beside the building he occupies with two other businesses.  I tried explaining this to our dad, but without knowing what it looks like in the day time, as him and mom have only been there at night, he was thinking an alley completely surrounded by tall buildings.

It is an alley, as there once was a building beside it, but now it’s just this huge open area between The Shops building and the next building.  So, it’s not a dark, scary alley.  Besides our downtown isn’t a big city, so the alleys aren’t all that dark or scary.


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