Pet Rock Fun

I like to participate in photography challenges, as well as drawing challenges.  I did once attempt a writing challenge, but that’s sort of a long, ongoing thing.  Anywho, the point is photography challenges.  In particular one that I was creating with a friend of mine.

Our March theme last year was Pet Rock, so you were to create your very own pet rock and use the prompts to photograph him… or her, in various wacky scenarios.  It was the most fun I’ve had with a photography challenge.  I felt that it was very creative, which is why I’ve decided to make a post about it.

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Retro Putz Houses


Retro Renovation is a site that I like to paruse every once in awhile.  I love architectural detailings, retro finds, time capsule homes, and all things kitchy.  The creators of the site have also come up with their own mini blue prints and DIY guides to making adorable Putz Houses based on retro home designs.

They have quite a number of designs to choose from and put up a few new one’s every year around the winter holidays.  I’ve been wanting to make one for a bit now, but this past Christmastime I finally set to it.  I made six.  Five for gifts and one for myself.

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