18th Century Dress

Historical Fashions are kind of a big deal for me.  I’ve always liked them and been fascinated by them.  I read about them, study them and even draw them.  If you’ve been reading here, then you’re pretty aware that I like to draw historical fashions.  Lady’s fashions, as I’m rubbish with men honestly.

However, recently it came to light that nobody really understands my drawings.  I mean, yes, they don’t understand my people (like their breasts or hands, or some other such comment), but I mean the actual fashion that they are wearing.

I had assumed that my sister would know, having been in theatre at uni, having done somecostuming.  But, I was informed that it was a basic 101 overview class, so she really doesn’t know about costuming.  Not that it is always accurate, in theatre or film.  Directorial vision, costume availability, and movement of scene and actor always play a part in how a costume gets worked together.

So, it prompted me to do a little overview with drawings.  I tend to either draw actual 18th century dress, or 18th century inspired dress in my illustrations because that is my favourite, so that is what we shall look at.

Scan 12

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Holiday Art Walk

I’ve posted about past Art Walk’s before; here & here.  This one was… well, it was just OK.  Some interesting things happened, but it wasn’t cold, I went alone, and it was just weird.

But I did take pictures, so let’s go!


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Drawlloween 2017

I participated in Drawlloween two years ago, which is a daily drawing prompt, but with spooky things.

I realized that I had never put those photo’s here, which is fine because for this one, if it was something I had already drawn before, say a Zombie, then I just paired it the 2015 version to show the difference, so you will get to see all of the spooky!

There are some extra’s that I did in 2015 and a few for this year and I will include those as well.

2017 Drawlloween Challenge prompt list >>Instagram.com

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Daylily Festival


This past Saturday the local Daylily Society had their Daylily Festival, which happens to be part of Festival South.  I’d never been to a Daylily show, so I figured why not.  I’m not particularly partial to daylilies, per se, but I do enjoy flowers and always catch the flower displays at the local fair when we go.  Plus, I’d not once stepped foot into our Convention Center which has been here almost 20 years.

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The Art Show

Daisies on Slate;; V. Stowe

Back in March our childhood church was having their annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival, which includes an art show, and The Sister and I were asked to enter.  While the pieces that I entered did not sell, it was still a fun experience, as well as being my first time exhibiting.  Plus, there was some nice art to take in.

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Sew What? Textile Art Exhibit

So, in true fashion, The Sister and I always seem to catch exhibits on the very last day, and the Sew What? Textile Art Exhibit hosted by The Hattiesburg Arts Council was not exception.  We made it there with forty-five minutes to spare.  However, it was plenty of time to see and fully appreciate the exhibit, luckily enough.


Exhibit title on interior wall

The exhibit touted works from The Pine Belt Quilters, which was founded in 1984.  “These dedicated quilters, some 150 strong, meet monthly and hold biennial Fiber Art and Quilt show.” – as lifted from the HAC email.

There were also a few African Story Quilts from Atlanta resident, Janice Hunter.  “As a professional fabric artist, Janice Hunter has been sewing since childhood. In recent years, however, her work has evolved from traditional bed covers to art quilts which have been exhibited in many different venues.” – also lifted from the HAC email.

So, let’s get to it.  I didn’t take pictures of every piece, but it’s nearly everything that awas there.  Lots of phenomenal work under the cut.  Also, I snapped a few of the building since the HAC is now housed in our former library.

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Pet Rock Fun

I like to participate in photography challenges, as well as drawing challenges.  I did once attempt a writing challenge, but that’s sort of a long, ongoing thing.  Anywho, the point is photography challenges.  In particular one that I was creating with a friend of mine.

Our March theme last year was Pet Rock, so you were to create your very own pet rock and use the prompts to photograph him… or her, in various wacky scenarios.  It was the most fun I’ve had with a photography challenge.  I felt that it was very creative, which is why I’ve decided to make a post about it.

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