Daylily Festival


This past Saturday the local Daylily Society had their Daylily Festival, which happens to be part of Festival South.  I’d never been to a Daylily show, so I figured why not.  I’m not particularly partial to daylilies, per se, but I do enjoy flowers and always catch the flower displays at the local fair when we go.  Plus, I’d not once stepped foot into our Convention Center which has been here almost 20 years.

It had been a rainy day, but was just cloudy and grey when I put my mom into the car.  She wasn’t too keen on going to a Daylily Show, but she didn’t mind too much.  The Convention Center is not far from our house and it was pouring rain by the time we arrived.  There was an information booth under a banner suspended from the cathedric ceiling, then a few Daylily arrangements.  Through a door on the left was this huge hall filled with nothing but single Daylilies.  It was a bit unreal and my mouth hung open for the briefest of moments before I realized that I needed to shut it.  I’ve never seen so man clipped flowers for judgement, arranged in their systematic rows, before in my life.  

Took a few photos of individual flowers that caught my eyes, but didn’t bother looking at them all, not even close.  Mom even just sat down in a chair upon entering that hall, which made me giggle.  Didn’t take long to look at everything and they had a drawing to win some Festival South tickets and to win a Daylily plant.  I entered us both and we waited the seven minutes until the drawing.  

Now, not that we need to win things, or else we turn into spoiled sports or something, but there is such a thing as fair.  So, who did win?  A member of the Daylily Society, won both things.  Now, my sister teaches Aromatherapy classes and sometimes does giveaways, so how would you feel, a paying customer, showing up for that class to learn that the teacher and her family (who don’t pay) were entered into the drawing and won?  All of the Daylily Socity members had entered.  That seems very shifty to me.  You don’t enter your own giveaways, it’s dirty pool.  Not that anyone paid to go to this flower show, but still… You don’t enter your own giveaways!

Sorely disappointed at the clique-ish nature of this city.  But here’s some photo’s I took anyway.



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